Muslim Halal Food Brand in British Supermarket Sainsburys

Still just 29, Ms Shazia Saleem, of Luton, is already a veteran entrepreneur. Her previous business ventures have included redeveloping a rundown holiday resort in Cambodia, and she is about to launch a UK halal food brand called I-Eat Foods.

ieat foods was founded by a foodie frustrated by years of restricted, ‘same old’ boring choices. Bubbling away for years, this frustration fueled a personal quest for Shazia to create the most exciting halal food range ever developed in the UK.

The team have been busy working in partnership with consumers and some of Britain’s top development chefs to design an entire range of delicious, contemporary British dishes – made from the finest ingredients and bursting with flavour.

All of their first 12 dishes can be found in the new halal bay in the chilled ready meal aisle of selected Sainsbury’s stores in London, Birmingham and Leicester from Wednesday 26th February – find your nearest store.

Watch the animated video produced by the talented Muslim designers at The Play Studio

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