Drowning or Burning To Death

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said, “A Muslim who is killed in a battle is a martyr, (dying in) plague is martyrdom, a woman who dies while delivering a baby is a martyr.” (Ahmad, Daarimee, Tiyaalisee, authenticated by ASheikh Muhammad Nasir-ud-Deen al-Albani)

The Final Prophet (Peace be upon him) said, “The martyrs are seven, other than the one who is killed in the Way of Allaah, Ta’aalaa:
– one who dies of plague,
– one who drowns,
– one who dies of pleurisy,
– one who dies of stomachache,
– one who dies due to burning
– one who dies under a demolition (by accident)
– a woman who dies with a baby in her womb.”

(Maalik, Aboo Dawood, An-Nasaaee, Ibn Maajah, Ibn Hibban, Haakim, Ahmad. Authenticated by Sheikh Muhammad Nasir-ud-Deen al-Albani)

The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: “Getting killed in the Path of Allaah Ta’aalaa is martyrdom,
– (death in) confinement during childbirth is martyrdom,
– (death by) getting burned (by accident) is martyrdom,
– (death by) drowning (by accident) is martyrdom,
– (death due to) tuberculosis is martyrdom,
– (death due to) stomachache is martyrdom.”
(Tabaraanee, Ahmad, authenticated by Sheikh Muhammad Nasir-ud-Deen al-Albani)

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