Kwadwo Asamoah, Mubarak Wakaso

FIFA bans Muslim footballer for praising Allah

Ghana captain Wakaso stepped up in place of Asamoah Gyan to bury a 38th-minute penalty and give Ghana a 1-0 win over Mali at the African Cup of Nations but then celebrated his goal a religious slogan (Allah is Great) on a T-shirt that landed him in trouble.

FIFA gave him one-match suspension, as FIFA rules don’t allow players to display political or religious slogans on the field. However these players below didn’t face any bans or fines:

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Manchester United v Everton - Old Trafford

Ireland Soccer Europa League Final


Double standard much FIFA? Comment below, Insha’Allah.

6 thoughts on “FIFA bans Muslim footballer for praising Allah”

  1. Well, naturally these people ban anything that reminds them of Islam. It seems to me they’re just trying to spite Muslim…just like little children.

  2. The word Islam means to submit, undoubtably the BEST thing to happen in this universe and those who practice the submissiveness with total dedication & devotion seeking only Allah’s mercy and blessings can withstand any hardship or calamities which can be an inspiration to all those who willingly follow the path of Islam in it’s entirety. To such , Allah will definitely guide him/her to lead a life full of piety & righteousness and may Allah bless such people who follow HIS path. Aameen.

  3. what concern showing the words of God with football, its better for FiFa to reverse that statement before God turn his back on him and his crew. masalam

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