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Man Utd Striker Hernandez (Chicharito) about Prophet Muhammad

Man Utd Striker Hernandez (Chicharito) about Prophet Muhammad
Mehedi Islam

Javier Hernandez Balcazar, nicknamed Chicharito is a Mexican footballer who plays as a forward for English Premier League club Manchester United and the Mexican national team.

The striker has expressed his admiration of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) through twitter during an interview with CNN saying:

“I’m not a Muslim, but the best person from my view is Prophet Muhammad.”


  1. Luiz

    That is a not the truth, Chicharito is a Christian not a muslim, so pathetic that you are trying make him look like a muslim, whatch his videos when he always do the cross sign!

    • Aisha

      He isnt saying he’s muslim READ IT PROPERLY it is saying that the best person from his point of view the prophet it clearly states that he isn’t muslim BUT inshallah allah will guide him to the right path!

  2. Feisal Amur

    May Allah guide u ryt path Allahu Akbar

  3. A.Hamid

    Hi, Luiz you should read one more time interview of Hernandez with CNN. Anyways, after all who ever converts to Islam, the decision will be their own.

  4. islam

    Luis,i’am sure he follow the right way…islam is the best

  5. Aslam

    May Allah guide u to right path, Ameen.

  6. Well its appreciated !
    Massive respect for this young lad !
    MAY Allah fulfill his devotion 2wards ISLAM n its personified followers n bless him with JAnnah
    AMeeen ! :)

  7. Abdulganiyu Opeyemi

    I bear witness that there is no other God except Allah and prophet Muhammed is his messanger. May the peace of Allah be upon him, his household, his companions and those who followed him in his righteousness. Ma salam.

  8. Ameer

    Welcome chicarito. Allah is allways be with you.

  9. muhammed

    May allah bless him for his doing

  10. abdul hakeem

    you are welcome chicarito, u re welcome to the religion of peace

  11. muslim

    Salam alaikum. There is no force to believe in Islam or the Final Prophet of God. But if u believe in Moses, jesus and other previous Prophets of God, then its quite nnatural you believe in God’s Final Prophet also. God commands this and that is why Final Book of God is given to mankind. As much as its truth and certain that death will lead you to the dark domain of next world, its the nothing but truth that you will not escape from Almighty Allah’s power and clutches. So is it not prudent to believe in what He commands and get divine light which will lead us forth in the darknesses of this world and after death. Allah has none to fear for the consequences of His acts but we all must be. Good luck and welcome to Allah’s Guidance. Aamen.

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