10 Things You Didn’t Know About President Mursi

At times of great tribulation and turmoil, the first casualty is always the truth. Why? Because without the truth, we cannot see what is right and what is wrong. Without the truth, there is only falsehood and injustice.

And that is how we find ourselves where we are in Egypt today, where the elected President of a nation – who was kidnapped and held incommunicado for months til his supporters could be imprisoned, crushed, tortured, killed and banned – stands trial for crimes that seem to multiply by the day.

1. He is a Hafiz of the Quran – One of the little known facts about the president is that he has memorised the entire Quran by heart.

2. He is intelligent – He has a PHD, is a professor and was the head of the Department of Engineering in Zagazig University. He has previously worked on various projects in America and was a visiting professor there.

3. He lived in an apartment – When Mursi walked into the Presidential palace for the first time, he had made up his mind that he would not live in any of them but continue to live an apartment rented out for some time.

4. He refused special treatment for his dying sister – Doctors told him that she may get better treatment if she was transferred to Europe or America. He refused stating that his family should not be favored above those of order Egyptians merely because of the position he held.

5. The adhan takes precedence over his speech

6. The homeless widow – A homeless woman who used to sleep on the streets of Cairo. One day a car pulled up and Mursi himself got out of the back. Mursi said that no mother in Egypt should suffer like this and directed officials to provide her with a respectable apartment and enough of a stipend from the state to pay for it. Since the coup she has become homeless again.

7. He took part in aid work – President Mursi visited Banda Aceh, Indonesia following the devastating South Asian Tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of people. He was there as part of an aid mission to help the survivors rebuild their shattered lives.

8. The worlds lowest paid leader – He stipulated that his salary would be $10,000 for the entire year. At the time of his kidnapping, it transpired that he had actually not actually drawn any salary at all. He had been working for free.

9. He rarely missed Fajr in the mosque

10. No pictures please – Egypt, like most Arab dictatorships, had the picture of their “benevolent” leader plastered across the walls of every building. You couldn’t go anywhere in Egypt without seeing Mubarak staring down at you. When Mursi was elected, he decreed that his picture should not be hung in any Government buildings and replaced the portraits of his predecessor with that of the name of Allah.

Source: Islam21C

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