3 Reasons Why Allah Tests Us

Ustadh Ali Hammuda shares 3 insightful reasons to why Allah tests us. They include:

  1. Asking Allah for something but Allah not responding
  2. Calamities to bring you closer to Allah
  3. Falling into sins so you can repent

Ustadh Ali Ihsan Hammuda is a UK national of Palestinian origin. He gained bachelors and masters’ degrees in Architecture & Planning from the University of the West of England, before achieving a BA in Shariah from al-Azhar University in Egypt. He is currently based in Wales and is a visiting Imām at Al-Manar Centre in Cardiff, and also a senior researcher and lecturer for the Muslim Research & Development Foundation in London. He authored several books including ‘The Daily Revivals’ and ‘The Ten Lanterns”, and continues to deliver sermons, lectures and regular classes across the country.

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