Jewish Woman Praying (Daven) In A Mosque

Came across this nice article on Facebook:

One of my best friends is spending her summer in Istanbul, Turkey. She just told me about a really interesting experience she had…

“A couple days ago we were wandering around the city and it was getting close to shkiah (sunset). I wanted to daven (pray) mincha (the afternoon prayer) and my friend suggested I find a mosque to daven in. I wasn’t so sure at first (mostly I was afraid the people running the mosque would have a problem with it), but he talked me into it (it’s actually preferable according to Jewish law to daven in a mosque rather than out in the street).

They were totally fine with it. They gave me a head scarf to wear when I entered because even though I was dressed tznua (modestly) by Jewish standards I wasn’t according to Islam. And the coolest part of the story? From Istanbul, Jerusalem and Mecca are in the same direction, so both Jews and Muslims pray facing the same way. And the mosque was beautiful. I had much more kavanah (spiritual connection and intent) than I would have in the middle of a bustling sidewalk.”

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    August 14, 2013 at 2:29 am

    MashaAllah… Istanbul is a very important city and Turkish people are respectful to all religions and very hospitable

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