Turkish Protesters Obsession with Alcohol

Here we have a twitter screen shot from the protestors: Translated in order from top to bottom: do they sound like protestors out for a life changing freedom movement?

1) With alcohol in your system you cannot give blood, please stop drinking alcohol.

2) there is a unnecessary consumption of alcohol people, please stay awake, this is not a festival there is violence. Please understand the seriousness of the issue.

3) please don’t bring alcohol, we need you awake and we need your support.

4) please stop drinking, you cannot give blood with alcohol.

5) those who are watching. There is too many of us with drunken and alcohol in Taksim. This is not a pleasure moment, don’t lose sight of what’s happening.

6) those in gezi park please stop drinking and buying alcohol, only a little left to the final.

7) lets control the alcohol, lets explain nicely to our friends that if they (police) attack us, we cannot fight back

8) everyone in Taksim needs to stop consuming alcohol! You need to be awake as alert, you could give blood.

9) the police will come to Taksim again, I beg you friends to stop drinking.

These tweets alone prove the movement is futile as majority of the protesters are joy riders who want to get drunk and destroyed civilian cars, buses and businesses.

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