Unofficial Mobile Friendly East London Masjid Website Launched

The Play Studio experiment lab recently launched the East London Masjid ( website, since launch it received a lot positive feedback from the community (especially the Muslim creative community) because of it’s clean and simple design.

east-london-mosque-appA large community of Muslims visit the East London Mosque on regular basis, including The Play Studio members, who are based behind the mosque itself but found the official website to be adequate but lacks the expectations of mobile users, so they’ve decided to design and developed a simple start page with prayer times and automated Adhan reminder that can be bookmarked and even installed on an iPhone home screen.


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    January 12, 2014 at 11:41 am

    Mā shā’ Allāh. Forwarded to my contacts. I agree the official website doesn’t present prayer times in the best manner and to instantly see mithl 2 and sunrise times without having to click deeper is very useful. Great job, I am so glad talented and creative Muslims are using their God given skills and gifts to make a contribution to the deen. Jazākallāhu khayran and your reward with Allah!

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