Gender Segregation in UCL

As you might have heard the Islam and Athiesm debate took place few days ago between Hamza Andreas Tzortzis and Professor Lawrence Krauss in University College London (UCL).

This is what Saqib Sattar (Co-Founder of iERA) had to say:

In the debate, Professor Lawrence Krauss threatened to walk out of the debate as there were a specific seating arrangements for sisters, which UCL had agreed to. This was supposedly on ‘moral’ grounds. Yet, in the debate, he rationalised the act of incest, even describing, in pornographic detail how it can be ‘done’ using contraception! And he and his followers have the audacity to accuse Islam of being outdated and primitive, when Atheism does not even have a basis for morality, hence why Prof. Krauss accepts incest.

Came across another interesting post by brother Abdullah Al Andalusi regarding this:

Richard Dawkins is apparently angry at a Muslim-Atheist debate that was held in London on Saturday 9th March between Prof. Lawrence Krauss and my brother and colleague, Hamza Tzortzis.

At the event, the Muslim organisers recommended people to sit in areas suggested for women or men (or couples) only. Apparently the Atheists took extreme umbrage at this, and Lawrence Krauss threatened to walk out of the debate! Now the news that Muslims held an event at a London University that was ‘gender segregated’ has hit mainstream newspapers in London – with many Atheists, such as Dawkins calling for ‘heads to roll’ and for Liberals to take a stand on Liberals values!

However I find the Liberals and Atheists lack of integrity and consistency, disturbing. Have we heard them complain that the sexes are segregated for public toilets, sports, prisons and some schools?

Furthermore, how is gender segregation an infringement of equality? If the event was equally open to both genders attend and participate, then where is the inequality? (I heard from a colleague who attended, that men were sitting at the back of the room – do the Liberals seriously suggest that the Muslims are treating men as second class?).

Lastly, to break the sacred taboo, can Liberals and Atheists even justify why humans are equal in the first place? I mean, according to the natural world, we are NOT equal. Humans have different intellects, strengths, sizes and physical abilities – so where do they get the idea that humans are all equal? Equality, in Liberalism, is nothing but a quaint affectation, harkening back from their long forgotten past. A past which Atheists and Liberals never dare delve in to, because they know where it leads. The only reason to base the belief in Equality, is upon the old Christian idea that all Human souls are equal in the eyes of God. For as the Professor of Political Science, Hunter Baker said “If we are equal, it must be in the eyes of God, for we are not equal in anything else”.

Seeing as both Liberals and Atheists already silently approve of commonly accepted forms of gender segregation in their society, and have failed to explain how gender segregation is even unequal in the first place (let alone their intellectually bankruptcy to even justify the concept of Equality), their protestations against the event and the Muslim organisers, ring hypocritically hollow, and smack of double-standards excited by an Islamophobic prejudice.

It seems as though Professor Lawrence Krauss and his gang of Islam/religion hating so called “open minded” followers can’t take the intellectual defeat from the debate and now making the issue of gender segregation their main priority to attack Islam. Subsequently UCL has released an statement banning iERA from holding any more events in the university, so much for freedom of expression, one gets banned for advocating Islamic ethics and other gets praised for advocating incest.

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    March 13, 2013 at 2:29 am

    militant atheism = We are right everyone else is wrong.

    gender segregation is practiced in Judaism and Buddhism as well….it is also practiced in some places like Japan for the purpose of public safety.

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