Muslims Praying In Central Park, New York

Came across this beautiful picture on Humans of New York Facebook page.

Followed by brilliant comments from an open minded Non-Muslim:

“Never be ashamed of your faith. We know that Islam is religion of tolerance, and that the terrorists are extremists who are not real Muslims. Peace and love from a Christian.” – Auchithya Weerasinghe

A few years ago our car broke down and had to be towed home from Disneyland. (About a 50 minute drive) During the trip, I noticed the tow truck driver looking in the rearview mirror; he did it several times. I finally asked if everything was alright. He then explained that he was keeping an eye on how fast the sun was setting. And that he needed to pull over for a moment. My husband and I looked at each other just kinda wondering what the heck was going on. The driver pulled over to a safe spot on the side of the road. And then asked us to excuse him for a moment. He took a rug out from under his seat and walked over to a little grass patch. And right there on the side of the highway, this man knelt down and prayed to his god. It was one of the most beautiful and humbling things I have ever witnessed. – Leslie Marshall

“People piss and spit in public, drink in public and smoke and it is “normal”… But if someone is praying it is “show off” . Are we normal and healthy people if we think like that? Praying is beautiful! I never did and maybe never will but it is beautiful indeed!” – Nigar Hamer


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