Prime Minister of Turkey – Adnan Menderes

This man is ADNAN MANDERES, prime minister of turkey between 1950 n 1960, won 3 consecutive general elections in 1950, 1954 n 1957.

He was more tolerant towards traditional lifestyles and different forms of practice of Islam than Ataturk and his party had been – he campaigned in the 1950 elections almost exclusively on the platform of legalizing the Arabic language Islamic call to prayer (adhan), which had been banned in order to wean Turkey from Arabic influences.

He re-opened thousands of mosques across the country which had been closed down.

In 1960 he was hanged by Turkish army because he allowed Adhan in Arabic (that was banned by mustafa kamal ataturk) and gave a statement that shariah (Islamic jurisprudence) may be adopted as the law of the state if Turkish parliament wants to do so.

He has given his life for the cause. Although he is dead, his name is alive, thousands of schools roads and hospitals in turkey have been named after him including many international Turkish universities.

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