What Happened When The Richest Human Being Mansa Musa Visited Mecca

A new rich list has revealed King Mansa Musa of Mali named richest person of all time. The astounding wealth came from production of more than half the world’s gold and salt. A photograph of Mansa Musa on a map of North Africa circa 1375.

The ruler of West Africa’s Mali Empire, Musa amassed a jaw-dropping $400 billion ($4.317 trillion (£2.678 trillion)) during his reign from 1312 to 1337, according to a new inflation-adjusted list by celebritynetworth.com.

Musa was a devout Muslim who spearheaded an extensive building program of palaces and mosques. Watch the video below to see what happened to Mansa Musa on his way to Mecca for Hajj.

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