San Francisco runs anti-Muslim bus ads

So, San Francisco civic officials has jumped on the bandwagon of hating Muslims, because it’s not offensive, racist or discriminatory at all to hate on 2 billion people and their beliefs that they hold dearly. It’s strange to think Islam and Muslims have existed for nearly 1500 years but it’s only in the past 10 years the hate for Islam has become a norm in the society.

Anyway the controversial ads with “jihadist” slogans have appeared on 10 city buses, all of which bear incendiary Islamist quotes. The ads will run for one month, and were placed on 10 of San Francisco’s 800 public transit buses.

Similar ads have appeared on transit systems in Washington, DC, Chicago and Portland.

I think the Muslims of San Francisco, Washington, DC, Chicago and Portland have a massive duty on their hand to take Islam seriously and study it and then speak to their Non-Muslim friends, colleagues and family about the beautiful religion of Islam.


I am sure all these hate-preaching will get the sensible people curious about Islam, which usually leads to them reading the final testament of God – Quran.

Here’s One reason to look into Islam, and one reason for us to be on this earth.

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