The Truth Behind The Protests In Turkey

Before I begin what’s actually taking place in Turkey there is some facts which need to be mentioned to gain a understanding of the political/divisional realm.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the current Prime Minister of Turkey since 2003. He was educated in Imam Hatip (a school frowned upon by the elite and anti religion as it was setup with a religious ideology). He was imprisoned for a poem in which he criticized government and established the current ruling party AK party (Justice and Development) after his sentence in 2001.

In its FIRST term they won the election with 34%, in its SECOND term he won with 47% majority and in its THIRD term 49.8%. For the first time in 52 years, a party in power had increased its votes for a second term, let alone a third. It is clear that the MAJORITY of Turkey has been behind AK party. The CHP party ( main opposition, very secular) is the liberal socials who are everything except religious, in most cases hate the fact religion is within politics. The BDP party which is a socialist party for mainly the rights of Kurds is anti AK party due to religious ideology.

The BDP and CHP have both took ridiculous stances in the Syria conflict showing sympathy and empathy for Asad. Next in line is TKP ( extreme left, communist, no religion, some atheists and mainly I believe in something types) which have supported Asad and have sympathized with all communist regimes, regardless of their oppression. Then among these parties are banned parties such as Halk Cephesi ( communist extremists ), DHKP ( communist extremists who are registered terror organisation ).

Since the creation of Turkey there has been a minority which has ruled and taken Turkey’s blood, sweat and tears. They have ruled over the majority and through transparent democracy the tables have now turnt. I could list a books worth as to what Erdogan has achieved in his time but that is a another status all together. It is simple to say that the rich and elite of Turkey who envy the West and want to be the West have hated the fact a religious ( seen as backward ) man has ruled over them. It destroys their argument of backwardness as his achieve more than any other PM to date.

What has happened?

A park in Taksim has 12 tree’s and the government wants to demolish it to make way for a museum and shopping centre. As a result the tree huggers started a campaign. The same park was actually made following the governments order to demolish an exceptionally designed Ottoman barracks in 1939. The current government wants to reconstruct the building and make it a museum, thus 12 tree’s will need to be chopped.

All this over tree’s?

No! The CHP, TKP, DHKP, BDP and all those opposing religious government used this as a disguise to unite forces and try to make a stand under the pretext ” we stand united against a authoritarian regime”. These leeches, NEVER stood for Syrians or any other humanitarian cause except anti religion.

When the universities didn’t allow headscarf and as a result stopped the education of Turkish Muslim women, which of them protested? NONE! When they had to take their scarfs off or wear wigs which of these parties ever wrote to Amnesty, European Union, International Media? NONE! So this is not over tree’s but a attempt to derail AK party, derail religious leadership and most importantly hide their hypocrisy.

Yes in some areas the police did come down heavy, Erdogan has stated a full investigation will take place but when was throwing Molotov Cocktails acceptable? When was raising the flags of a terrorist organisation not going to gain a reply? When was it ok to spray ” F the police” on shop fronts? You see the hypocrites, ignorants and arrogants have joined forces. They never protested when Israel killed Turkish citizens on Mavi Marmara, and they sure as hell didn’t ask Occupy Wall Street to aid them then.

Now Occupy Wall street, Bruce Willis, and the rest of the propoganda machinery are trying to stick their noses in Turkeys politics. These people cannot fathom that a mocked religious school has gave way to a Prime Minister. They cannot fathom that in the “white house” a woman wears a headscarf and alchohol is not permitted in government meetings. They cant fathom the fact that women in scarfs can openly gain a education. Had the current government did 10% of the oppression the religious majority faced in the hands of these idiots, a civil war would of broke.

Arab Spring?

You must be joking: Erdogan has now made Turkey IMF (International Monetary Fund) loan free, it has the 5th fastest growing economy in the world, it has started to develop its own military equipment rather than being dependent, the social service is now equal and he has given more rights to Kurds than any other previous government. He was the first none african president to go to Somalia, he has visited Gaza, he has taken Islamaphobia onto the international forum, he has criticized and acted against Israel.

Curbed inflation, introduced a much more stable economy, aided Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq and Syria. He lowered inflation to lowest in 39 years. Every province now has its own University and school books are now free. He has gained more girls into education and doubled the number of universities in Turkey in his career. The list carries on and on.

May Allah subhaana wa ta’aala protect him.

However I want to point something out to the conspiracy loving people: You supported Occupy Wall Street, now they want to derail a muslim leadership? You loved RT and Russia backing Syria because FSA were “Western backed” but the communists are trying to derail a muslim leadership? You loved everything that stood up in the West, and now they are backing the seculars in Turkey? Politics is dirty and how dirty we will never know.

What the current president Erdogan has done for Turkey:

  • Raise minimum wage from £60 to £250.
  • Placed the high speed train network
  • Placed tarmac to all the roads to our villages
  • Made thousands of government aided housing and made them home owners
  • Have made a university in every city.
  • Gave students £100 when they were receiving £15.
  • Your guilty because before you farmers gained finance with 59% interest and you came and gave it with 5.2%
  • Dropped the interest rate to local traders from 13%, 10% to 5% when it was 47%!
  • Renovated the mosques and madrassa that they used as barns.
  • Offered free health care until 18 years of age.
  • People are no longer prisoners in hospitals if they cannot pay for the treatment.
  • Increased the Social Information fund from £297million to £788 million.
  • Choked the inflation monster.
  • Aided farmers wether they seed or not their farms.
  • prolong loans and take 0% interest.
  • Made Turkey a leader in the Middle East.
  • Made Turkey 15th largest economy in the world.
  • Made Turkey 5th largest growing economy.
  • Made school books free.
  • Have laid the foundations of the Marmara project.
  • Increased national income to £800 million.
  • Finished the Blacksea motorway project.
  • Made the world recognise Turkey.
  • Your guilty because in the entire history of Turkey you made the most dual carriageways.
  • Increased the number of hospitals from 13,000 to 31,500.
  • Provided each family to a assigned doctor (GP System)
  • Gave farmers fuel aid.
  • Without bankrupting banks you kept the inflation stable.
  • Increased income per capita (per person) from $1300 to $10,000
  • Reduced the inflation rate to lowest in 39 years.
  • Didn’t take from IMF and gave to capitalist fat cats.
  • Your guilty because we now produce our own airplanes when we couldn’t even make our own soldiers rifles.
  • Started a brotherhood project ( Middle East ).
  • For the first time in history of Turkey made an economy free of IMF loans. (Finished this May 2013)
  • Stopped the gangs and ended mafias.
  • Gave a bursary for teacher training programmes.
  • Nade those in the oppressed Arab nations raise your flag.
  • Gave a wage to the disabled and their carers.
  • Distributed free coal for fuel.
  • Gave poor families children benefits to study education.
  • Have made the needed foundations and layers from the creation of Republic of Turkey in 1923 up until 2001 three times over in the 3 terms you have been in charge.

People, please don’t believe the dividing communists and seculars.


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  • Reply
    Shafqut ali
    June 4, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    The kuffars will never be happy when they see a muslim doing well for his own people our muslim brothers need to wake up and understand what is going on

  • Reply
    Sohail Aslam
    June 5, 2013 at 6:44 pm

    Our Muslim brothers and sisters need to take a stand in favour of their leader and protest against them in large numbers, peacefully. This their right.
    Also the Police need to be less heavy handed.

  • Reply
    June 17, 2013 at 10:55 pm

    This has got to be the most hillarious and unfactual ‘article’ i have ever come across. Very biased and ill informed. I suggest people do some research before making such far fetched comments. The protests that have been going on are not agaisnt islamic ideology, but against the regime of akp.. As a muslim myself i would say that the akp ideology and the actions of erdogan have no place in islam! Erdogan continues to ignore and opress half of the population of turkey.. This does not fit in a democratic state.

    • Reply
      June 25, 2013 at 1:22 am

      I am from Turkey and alhamdulillah a muslim,and this article clearly states the facts and dont even mention all the facts as a matter of fact,Most people who oppose erdogan are SECULAR,Socialist,even kurds support erdogan (BDP party does not reperesent kurds it mainly reperesents those kurds who are socialist) and extremely biased,blame ottomans,take ATATURK as their role model,some even worship ATATURK.Turkish prime minster menderes was hanged because he stood up against secularists,also another prime minster OZAL who was a kurdish got poisoned now they want to get rid of erdogan because he is muslim and successful.He even restored many churches including an ancient armenian church in the city of VAN.Also he is now building the largest european airport in istanbul which is really not good for the west especially for Germany (frankfurt airport makes billions),and making a canal in istanbul which will bring billions of dollars through charging the ships going through bosphorus (due to Lausenne treaty turkey has not been charging any ship or vessel going through bosphorus),one Russian MP mentioned a couple of weeks ago ‘we can not allow turkey to grow economically as they may go back to their roots (ottomans)’,israel interior minster said’ their prayers are those with the protestors,and i hope erdogan is overthrown’,CNN,BBC,RT etc..have been spreading false and fake news about turkey.Amongst the protestors there were also many agents from european countries as wel as 2-3 americans.Some of the protestors entered into mosques with their shoes as well as alcoholic beverages in their hands to provoke muslims.They killed a police officer who left a pregnant wife behind,they attacked some people with scarves etc..etc..etc…it is a clear game,there is no doubt about it.Even the styles of protests are mentioned in a book by Gene Sharp ( from dictatorship to democracy)…muslims are awake and alert now,we will not be fooled and work even harder inshaallah.Also according to 4 schools of thought it is HARAM to go against a muslim ruler even if he oppresses the people.Abu hanifa,imam hanbel etc..were all oppressed by the rulers but none of their students or people who love them caused FITNAH,they waited patiently and changed themselves.Be rational ratinally not emotionally!

      • Reply
        Saif Butt
        September 25, 2013 at 3:23 pm

        Mehmat Bro Em from Pakistan. I em very keen to know about Turkey. I love Turkey because once it was a house of Khilafah but the problem is I have no friend from Turkey who has such a great knowledge of Turkey like u so if I request u to add me in ur facebook will u accept my request? my facebook name is saifoo butt. plz add me or give me ur facebook ID. please. Jazakallah.

  • Reply
    Onur Aksu
    June 17, 2013 at 11:13 pm

    You missed the most important thing. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk made Turkey what is now because he REMOVED extreme Islamic views thus making Turkey a secular state. Erdogan is trying to re-introduce Islamic views such as banning alcohol and stopping people from kissing in public. Turkey is a modern country with forward thinking people. It’s in it’s foundations. It will never be what Erdogan is trying to make it. Stopping people’s freedom is Not the way forward. Yes he has made some great changes but he needs to understand Turkey does not what to be like Iran!

    • Reply
      June 25, 2013 at 1:37 am

      MUSTAFA KEMAL killed many muslims,he said ‘we do not take our rules/principles from those books claimed to be revealed from the heavens,we use our rationale ‘..erdogan is not banning alcohol,why are you so paranoid?he is bringing regulations,even here in england there are places,streets in which one is not allowed to drink alcohol etc..Kissing in public??are you joking or what??Iran is not an islamic country (iranian republic) nor saudi arabia for your information (a kingdom)…even gay people lived under ottomans peacefully let alone drunkards etc…you are telling me erdogan will bring sharia.where were you when the mosques were turned into horse stables??when adhan was changed into turkish??when people were not allowed to read Qur’an?people were hanged because they did not want to wear hats??my sisters would not study at university because of their scarves!i was humiliated by my teachers in primary schools because my mother was wearing a scarf??my teacher was imprisoned because he was a muslim.Muslims suffered more than any other groups in turkey,even the army was saying their first enemy was sharia.I never forgot all these and if you are a truthful person you would mention all these and many more.I am not even mentioning the atrocitues of ATATURK and ISMET INONU,they killed many scholars ,muslims and burnt religious books.

  • Reply
    ALi hussian
    June 18, 2013 at 12:23 am

    What a ridiculous and and inaccurate article. You’ve just completely made everything up. Nothing on here is true or even remotely close to the truth.

  • Reply
    June 18, 2013 at 12:25 am

    not really an example of true muslim leadership is it. when israel attacked the marvi marmara what did edrogando? nothing. what has he done to aid the muslims in syria? nothing. his army is a well known friend of the u.s. there is nothing religious about his governance.

  • Reply
    June 25, 2013 at 1:25 am

    what did you expect for him to do?it took centuries for islam to go down,you think he will just bring islam in a decade,even the prophet established an islamic state over 23 years.

    • Reply
      Saif Butt
      September 25, 2013 at 3:10 pm

      u said great bro… (Y)

  • Reply
    June 27, 2013 at 10:28 am

    Ataturk was a criminal.
    Supported by the devil.
    By God when you look at his picture you see the evil in his eyes.the eyes of the anti Christ .
    Erdogan is a leader the ummah should be proud of.

    • Reply
      Saif Butt
      September 25, 2013 at 3:11 pm

      by God, i have the same feelings when i see in ataturk’s eyes… u r absolutely rite.

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