Muslim Legoland Day Cancelled Due to Extremist Group EDL

The MRDF charity organisation was founded to help British Muslims understand their faith in today’s society and also to educate and assist the Muslim community in participating within the wider society in a constructive manner. The overall aim being to portray the correct message of Islam but also to provide much needed answers on many of the challenges we face in our communities and society.

In working to fulfill these aims, the Foundation organises a number of events that allow for Muslim and Non-Muslims to come together in a peaceful family environment to help establish a real spirit of togetherness and community. One such event that aimed to bring our communities closer was the MRDF Family Funday at LEGOLAND Windsor on Sunday 9th March 2014.

This event was open to people of all faiths and backgrounds, aiming to create an enjoyable, safe and relaxing environment for children and families from all walks of life to have a fun and enjoyable day out. Over 4000 people had already purchased their tickets for the event with almost 2 weeks remaining.

edl-marchUnfortunately, in the last month several rightwing groups including the EDL, Casuals United and others threatened both the visitors and employees of LEGOLAND if the event went ahead. They terrorised staff at LEGOLAND, staff at MRDF and aimed to terrorise children and families on the day of the event.

Together with these threats several articles in the national press helped fuel further hatred and resentment towards the event and had a further negative impact on the security of the event. It was evident from these hate articles and threats that this was not an attack on MRDF alone but was an outright attack on Islam and Muslims in the UK.

Although MRDF worked hard with LEGOLAND to find a solution to the threats and negative press, the threats were constant and so alarming LEGOLAND made the decision based on guidance from the Police and other agencies to cancel the event as they could not guarantee the safety of the attendees and their staff.

We Muslims believe we have been let down by both the Police and the local authorities yet again as they’ve failed to offer us the same level of protection given to other groups within society.

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